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What arm and leg injuries require a cast?


Arm casts and leg casts are really only used for broken bones, also known as fractures. Breaks of the wrist, forearm, elbow, kneecap, shin, or ankle sometimes will require a cast. It is important to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon and get x-rays of your broken bone before a cast is applied. If the fracture has moved a lot, surgery may be a more appropriate option than applying an arm cast or a leg cast. Casts are also much more common in the pediatric population. Kids have an incredible capacity to heal, and broken arms and legs that would require surgery in an adult may be treated with an arm cast or a leg cast in a kid.


How long do arm casts stay on, and how long do leg casts stay on?


The length of time that an arm cast or a leg cast will stay on depends on the age of the patient and the type of broken bone. This can range anywhere from one month to three months. For example, a young child with a broken wrist may only need to be in a cast for a month, while an adult with a broken wrist will need to be in a cast for two months. The length of time depends on your age, what bone you broke, how bad you broke it, and how routinely it is healing.


What are the types of casts?


 The most common type of cast is a fiberglass cast. These come in many different colors, but since our orthopedic practice in Colorado Springs is mobile, we only use white. Casts will go all the way around the arm or leg. A splint only goes around part of an arm or leg, and is usually applied first for about one to two weeks. Splinting is done first because after an arm or leg gets broken it may swell too much for a cast to be applied. Usually after one to two weeks, the splint can be removed and the arm cast or leg cast can be applied. We use plaster for our splints because we feel that we can get a better mold. There are also 3D printed casts on the market, but they often cost 10-20 times more than a fiberglass cast.


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