Reduce Your Healthcare Costs


Save money on your healthcare spend through proactive orthopedic care

Immediate onsite orthopedic care by an orthopedic surgeon

Lower employee absenteeism 

Lower workers comp claims

Prevent unnecessary surgeries. The average cost for a lumbar spine fusion in the US is anywhere between 60-110K

Adds value to current benefit package

Transparent pricing

Compliments direct primary care

Improves company culture and employee satisfaction

We Treat

Back pain

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Elbow, wrist and hand issues

Hip pain

Knee pain

Foot and ankle issues

Open wounds needing suturing

Broken bones

As an employer, it can be very difficult to remain profitable while providing comprehensive medical coverage to your workers. Paying over a thousand dollars a month for each employee is not sustainable. This number will only get larger as the cost of healthcare and insurance premiums continue to rise. With most plans being very high deductible, your workers will avoid necessary healthcare if at all possible. This allows medical problems to snowball and get worse, contributing to sick days, time off of work, and increased workers comp claims.

Here at Easy Orthopedics in Colorado, we see strategies to reduce healthcare costs as a necessity for any employer. Employer healthcare spending related to musculoskeletal issues is a significant part of overall cost. This is true whether you are self insured, or carry a big box insurance plan. If you are self insured then you are paying the costs directly. The average cost for a lumbar spine fusion in the US is anywhere between 60-110 K, not to mention all the time your employee will need off of work. If you have a company sponsored insurance plan then your high healthcare spend will only lead to increased premiums in the following years. 

The advantages of having an onsite orthopedic surgeon to evaluate and treat your employees are many. The biggest one is prevention of unnecessary surgeries. Most orthopedic surgeons are incentivized to do surgery, which often leads to excessive healthcare costs and sub-par results when the correct indications aren’t utilized. Here at Easy Orthopedics in Colorado, we reduce your healthcare costs by using conservative treatment as much as possible, and only doing surgery when absolutely necessary in our surgery center. The results are happier, healthier employees, and significantly decreased strain for the employer.  

Be proactive in reducing your healthcare costs by taking active measures in cost containment. Easy Orthopedics provides one of a kind on-site medical care by an orthopedic surgeon in the Colorado area. Contact for more information.

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