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  • Transparent cash pricing for elective self pay orthopedic surgery


  • We work with self pay patients,  medical liens, medical lien companies, and those who participate in a healthshare 


  • Our procedure room is located in Monument, Colorado.


  • We take out of state patients, accommodations available


  • Easy, efficient communication. We aren’t satisfied until all of your questions are answered


Self Pay Orthopedic Surgery

One of the many problems with getting orthopedic surgery done is that you have no idea what it will cost. Most places will charge you a facility fee + anesthesia fee + surgeons fee. No one can tell you how much it will all cost, and estimates are often non-binding. This means that they can tell you one price and charge you something else! At Easy Orthopedics we do things differently for orthopedic surgery. 


How is Easy Orthopedics different?

We charge you a flat fee for orthopedic surgery which you will know upfront. This will allow you to budget, and you won’t have to be afraid of surprise bills! This is perfect for the self pay patient (those who want to pay cash upfront), and those who participate in healthshares who are looking for a cash price for orthopedic surgery. We also work with medical liens for those involved in car accidents. We do not work with insurance companies directly, but if you have out of network benefits then we can provide you the paperwork necessary for you to submit the claim to your insurance company. 


What kinds of surgeries do you do?

Since our practice is orthopedic surgery, we do only orthopedic procedures. These include carpal tunnel surgery, cubital tunnel surgery, trigger finger surgery, ganglion cyst removal surgery, surgery to remove plate and screws, surgery for hand arthritis, other surgeries of the hand, and various surgeries of the knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle. We do not currently do any surgeries of the spine, or hip and knee replacements. 


Where do you do surgery?

Our orthopedic surgery practice is based in Colorado Springs,  and our procedure room is in Monument, Colorado. However, this does not mean we just treat people from Colorado. We can treat anyone inside the United States who wants to come to Colorado for self pay orthopedic surgery.


How much does surgery cost?

Our rates for self pay orthopedic surgery will be much less than what you would pay at your local hospital or surgery center. We are set up specifically to work with people who want self pay orthopedic care. Contact us for pricing and and more information.


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