Will golfer’s elbow heal on its own?

Golfer’s elbow will usually heal on its own, but only if you adequately rest your elbow, and take the appropriate measures. If you don’t rest your elbow, then your golfer’s elbow is likely to persist for quite some time. As an orthopedic surgeon in Colorado Springs, golfer’s elbow is something I treat frequently, most of the time it gets better without surgery.

What happens if golfer’s elbow goes untreated

If golfer’s elbow goes untreated, it will just continue to cause pain, and likely affect your activities of daily living. Fortunately, there is not a risk of arthritis or significant nerve damage if golfer’s elbow goes untreated. Golfer’s elbow is caused by degeneration of of the tendons that attach to the inside of your elbow. These tendons are also known as the flexor pronator mass.

How long does it take golfer’s elbow to heal?

It normally takes a few months for golfer’s elbow to completely go away. This assumes that you are adequately resting it and getting appropriate treatment. If you continue to do those activities that bother your elbow, the recovery process will take much longer.

What is the fastest way to fix golfer’s elbow?

The fastest way to fix golfer’s elbow to rest your elbow from the activities that cause it pain, such as golfing, pitching, weight lifting, or racquet sports such as tennis. You may need to take a few months off of these activities. Icing and taking anti-inflammatories can help as well. Physical therapy exercises consisting of passive stretching can help as well, along with full time bracing with the wrist in a neutral position. Occasionally, a steroid injections can be given to that area, although these are not done as commonly as steroid injections to other areas. Lastly, if all else fails then surgery is indicated to remove the parts of the degenerated tendons. 

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions about if golfer’s elbow heal on its own. If you would like me to treat your golfer’s elbow, contact us below to make an appointment if you are in the Colorado Springs area. I also am available for virtual consults.

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