Car Accident Orthopedic Doctor



Car Accident Orthopedic Doctor


For Attorneys

  • We hold our own liens for all care including surgery.
  • Know that your client will have an orthopedic surgeon on board from the beginning. This means great care and extra value added to the case.
  • Know right away the probability that your client will need surgery.
  • We only refer out for ancillary services and therefore act to cost contain for your client. No unnecessary imaging, referrals, or procedures.
  • With our house call service and direct communication we have an extremely high rate of follow up and compliance.
  • Easy, direct communication with the orthopedic surgeon for coordination of care or general concerns.


For Patients

  • The convenience of having a doctor come to you, especially if your car is in the shop, or you don’t want to drive. Office appointments also available.
  • The advantage of having an orthopedic surgeon direct your care.
  • Someone to tell you if you will need surgery or not
  • Easy, direct communication with your doctor. You will have their cellphone number!



At Easy Orthopedics we are happy to provide initial consultations and treatment plans for those that are involved in car accidents or car wrecks in the Colorado Springs area. We hold our own liens for all care including surgery. We will also work directly with your attorney to provide you orthopedic care for your car accident. 


What kind of doctor should I see after my car accident?


Most people who are involved in a car accident have pain in many different areas. Whiplash and low back pain are very common, as are shoulder injuries, concussions, and PTSD. While your primary care doctor or chiropractor may be able to give you good care, we feel that there is no greater expert in the musculoskeletal field than an orthopedic surgeon. Many primary care doctors also do not want to deal with anything auto accident related. The knowledge that comes with knowing when and how to operate is hard to match. Our approach is to have an orthopedic surgeon look you over from head to toe and essentially play the quarterback position for your care. We will then get imaging and make referrals to physical therapy and other doctors as needed, kind of like a car accident primary care doctor.


How does an appointment with a doctor at Easy Orthopedics work?


Either you or your lawyer can contact us to set up an appointment. After that we will obtain all imaging that you may have at an outside hospital or emergency room (Don’t worry, we take care of this for you). The doctor will then come to your house or see you in the office for the visit which is usually around 45 minutes, but can be longer or shorter depending on your injuries. After the visit we will set up all referrals and call in any medications that you may need, we can also give steroid injections at the visit if needed. You will be provided with your doctor’s personal phone number in case you need to reach him or have any questions. Bills will be sent to your attorney through a medical lien.


How far will your doctors travel for a house call?


Your car accident orthopedic doctor is based in Colorado Springs. That being said we frequently make trips to Pueblo and Denver. Travel outside of Colorado Springs comes at an additional cost depending on the distance. Contact for cost estimate. 

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