Steroid Injections



Steroid Injections


  • Avoid the wait time by having the doctor come to you. Same day and next day appointments are available. Serving the greater Colorado Springs area. Pueblo, Denver or other areas in CO by special request.
  • We currently give steroid injections to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, SI joint, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. 
  • Lubricant injections containing hyaluronan such as Synvisc and Orthovisc, can be given by special request. Note that these items need to be special ordered. 
  • Transparent pricing, know what you are going to pay before you pay it.
  • Easy, direct communication with your doctor. You will have their cellphone number!


Here at Easy Orthopedics in Colorado Springs, we are happy to offer steroid injections. Sometimes also called cortisone injections, steroid injections can do wonders for your pain and inflammation. 

How does a steroid injection work?


A steroid injection or shot usually has two different things in it, cortisone (which is the generic term we use for corticosteroid, at Easy Orthopedics we use kenalog), and lidocaine which is a local anesthetic. Cortisone will decrease inflammation significantly to the place where it is injected. Inflammation often causes pain, so a steroid shot to your shoulder, knee, or any other joint will decrease the inflammation you have in that joint and usually help significantly with your pain. The cortisone part of the steroid injection normally takes a few days to start working. The lidocaine part of the steroid injection works right away. Oftentimes, after giving someone a steroid shot, they can notice the effects immediately. This is due to the lidocaine, which usually wears off after a few hours. The normal course of giving someone a steroid injection is that they may feel really good right away (from the lidocaine), and then that wears off as the day goes on, and then a few days later they start getting some lasting relief (from the steroid). 



Where can you get a steroid injection?


At Easy Orthopedics we can give steroid injections to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, SI joint, greater trochanteric bursa, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. Steroid injections into the SI joint, and hip joint require ultrasound imaging which we have available. If you are in need of a steroid injection to the spine, we know great pain management doctors in Colorado Springs who we can refer you to.



How long does a steroid injection last?


The answer to this question depends on where you are getting a steroid injection. If you are getting a steroid injection to help with your arthritis, the effect is variable. Some people will say that they get a whole year of relief, while others may only get weeks, everyone is different. Many times repeated steroid injections can buy time before someone needs to get a joint replacement. If you are getting a steroid injection because of tendonitis or bursitis, then one injection may take away your pain for good! This is also the case with trigger fingers. A well placed steroid injection for your trigger finger could cure you!



What are the side effects of a steroid injection?


Fortunately side effects from steroid injections are rare. Unlike taking a medication, the steroid isn’t going through your entire body, it just stays around where it is injected. If you are diabetic it could raise your blood glucose so you should monitor this after an injection. Some other complications are skin depigmentation, thinning of the fat near the injection site, and local injection site irritation. Overall these side effects are minimal and aren’t encountered very often.



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