Transparent Cash Pricing





  • Prices listed below are discounted cash prices for payment in full (cash, card, Venmo, cashier’s check) before or at the time of service. Cash discounting is available for all patients. 
  • Prices do not include imaging (x-rays, CT scan, MRI). However we work with independent imaging facilities who also offer discounted cash pricing.
  • Deposit of at least $1,500 required before any surgeries will be scheduled.
  • We are not currently contracted with any insurance companies and will not submit a claim to insurance on anyone’s behalf. Superbills (for patient to submit to insurance) provided on request.
  • Prices subject to change.


House call or office visit in Colorado Springs

$375 per visit, includes one complimentary steroid injection if medically indicated and reasonable. Additional steroid injections: $75. Visits with SI, piriformis or hip joint injection are $450 with $100 for each additional injection of SI joint, piriformis, or hip joint. After hour, holiday, or weekend visit: $100 surcharge.

House call outside of Colorado Springs

$375 + travel fee (contact for travel fee pricing)

PRP Injection

$965 for evaluation, blood draw, preparation, and injection

Casting or Splinting

$450 for evaluation and cast application. Follow up for cast removal: $200


$450 for evaluation and suture application. Follow up for suture removal and wound evaluation: $200


Listings are for surgeries done in our procedure room in Monument, Colorado. These surgeries are done using sedation and local anesthesia. Price includes facility + anesthesia + surgeon’s fee + post operative visits. Not all surgeries that we do are listed below. Surgeries not listed below will have to be quoted individually.

Carpal Tunnel Release: $2,950

Trigger Finger Release: $2,750

Ganglion or Cyst Excision: $2,900

1st Extensor Compartment release ( De Quervain’s tenosynovitis): $2,850

Dupuytrens Release with Needle Aponeurotomy: $3,200

Elbow Bursectomy: $3,400

Tennis Elbow Debridement: $3,500

Manipulation of Shoulder with Two Steroid Injections for Frozen Shoulder: $2,100


Are you interested in being evaluated for one of the services listed above? Please contact us using the link or form located below. Located in Colorado Springs, but we will do house calls outside of Colorado Springs by special request.

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