Knee Pain


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Knee Pain


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          Make no mistake about it, knee pain can be debilitating. Whether it be standing, walking, or running, a painful knee can really negatively affect your quality of life. Maybe there are activities that you want to do, but your knee pain won’t let you. I’ve had my right knee scoped twice, so I understand what you’re going through. There are many reasons why your knee can hurt. If you’re on the younger and more active side, knee pain can be the result of a torn meniscus, ACL, or an injury to the cartilage. While each of these injuries present slightly differently, they all hurt in their own way. If you’re on the older side, the gradual wearing away of your cartilage can cause the bones of your knee to touch (they are not supposed to), and in some people this causes pain. You’ve heard of this before, it’s called arthritis.


What Can I do About Knee Pain? – Colorado Springs Knee Doctor’s Advice


          So what is there to do about your knee pain? ACL tears are often traumatic and obvious, but does everyone need to go through the surgery and extensive physical therapy to have their ACL reconstructed? The answer is no, not really. While a more active individual would benefit from an ACL reconstruction, a less active individual might be better off not having the surgery. What about the meniscus tear that your doctor found on your MRI. Does that need surgery? Again, as an experienced knee doctor I’d have to say, that depends whether the tear is getting larger (unstable meniscus tear), or if it is more of an incidental finding. How about that arthritic knee you have, is it worth getting a knee replacement. A knee replacement is one of the best surgeries in orthopedics, but 20% of people that get it done aren’t really happy with the results. Why?


Should I have Knee Surgery?


          There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding if someone needs surgery, and all of them need to be taken into consideration. Every single person is different; different loves, different dislikes, different goals… Having a one size fits all solution for something like knee pain is not how I like to practice medicine. As a dedicated Colorado Springs knee doctor, I find it really hard to provide personalized care in the standard 7 minute visits at a standard orthopedic practice. That’s why I like to spend an hour with my patients, so I can get to know them, and we can figure out a treatment plan that works for them. Maybe a steroid injection and some physical therapy is all you need, maybe it’s not. But an advantage of me being mobile is that I can see you in your personal environment and give you the personalized you deserve.


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Written by Dr. Daniel Paull 

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