Medical Record Review



Medical Record Review


  • Medical record review by a practicing orthopedic surgeon
  • Very reasonable rates
  • Turnaround within 1 week of receiving payment and records
  • Direct access to the doctor for quick and efficient communication


 Here at Easy Orthopedics, we are happy to offer speedy, efficient, reasonably priced medical record reviews. We offer medical record review for attorneys and all other parties that request them. One of the cores of our business is good communication. Know that if you decide to choose Easy Orthopedics for your medical record review, you will have direct access to our orthopedic doctor through phone and email.


What is a medical chart review?


A medical chart review, also known as a medical record review, is when a third party reviews the medical record of a patient for a specific reason. Most of the time, there is a doctor who reviews medical records. The record reviews that we do are all done by a doctor, and are requested by parties wanting to know the full extent of injuries of a patient, whether the treatments were reasonable and necessary, and any possible future treatments with their related costs. Medical chart reviews can also be done by hospital systems or insurance companies to make sure that the billing is consistent for services. These types of reviews are usually done by nurses and other staff members trained in medical record review. This is not the type of medical chart review that we do at Easy Orthopedics. Most of the time medical record reviews are requested by attorneys, but there are other parties that request them too.


How do you review and analyze medical records?


The first step in reviewing and analyzing medical records is to get all of the records to the doctor who reviews medical records. Nowadays, this is mostly done through electronic means such as a CD or secure online transfer of files. Some still send paper charts, but this can be quite expensive and unwieldy, especially if the medical chart is thousands of pages! Once the doctor who reviews medical records gets the records, they will look at all of them in chronological order and then form their medical opinion. They will then write their medical opinion down in a report, and answer any specific questions that are requested of them.


How long does it take to review medical records?


The answer is that it depends. One frustrating aspect of medical record review for those that request them, is how long it can take for a doctor who reviews medical records to complete them. Sometimes, a doctor is very busy and does not prioritize the medical chart review. Getting it back can take weeks or even months! This will oftentimes hold up medical treatment or legal proceedings. Here at Easy Orthopedics, we promise a 1 week turnaround or less!


Interested in obtaining a medical record review for your client by a practicing orthopedic surgeon? We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but do medical record reviews for clients all throughout the United States. Contact below for questions and pricing.

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