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  • Avoid the wait time and the ER, have the doctor come to you. Serving the greater Colorado Springs area. Pueblo, Denver or other areas in CO by special request.
  • Have your wound sutured by an orthopedic surgeon. We also do suture removal. 
  • Transparent pricing, know what you you going to pay before you pay it.
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Sutures/Stitches for a Cut or Wound

          I have seen and closed thousands of wounds throughout my career. From surgical wounds, to dog bites, and everything in between. Each cut, or laceration as we call them is a little bit different. Some require a lot of stitches, while others only need a few. In the past, if you cut yourself, you were forced to sit for hours in an ER or urgent care. Suturing and wound care are one of the services that I provide. The good part is that I come to you, so you don’t have to spend hours in a waiting room!

If you do end up cutting yourself, here are a few things you should do:

Hold pressure on the wound if there is a lot of bleeding.

Almost every cut will bleed, and that is to be expected. Every once in awhile if a cut is in the right place or is deep enough it can hit a small artery or vein. Arteries will bleed more intensely than veins, but both can be stopped in the majority of cases by applying pressure. This allows your blood to clot and stop the bleeding. Ideally you should do this with gauze, but if you don’t have that available then a clean linen or paper towel will have to do.



Large sharp foreign objects should be left in place

If an object is large and deep enough then it can hit an artery or vein. When this happens the object itself can stop the bleeding by the pressure it provides simply by being there. If you were to remove this object, then the bleeding may start again. It is best to leave it in place and let a medical professional remove the object in a controlled setting. That being said, if an object is superficial and very easy to get, then it might benefit you to remove it if you can do so safely and easily.



Clean your wound if possible

If the bleeding is controlled, cleaning your wound is usually a good idea. You can do this with room temperature tap water and diluted soap, and just gently run it over your wound. This will help clean the wound and remove debris. Over the counter topical antibiotics can also be applied. After the wound is cleaned, a sterile bandage should be placed.



Removal of Surgical Sutures/Stitches


        If you have a cut or wound that may be in need of stitches, allow us to come to you and suture your cut or wound. We also do removal of stitches that were placed by someone else. Contact for more information and pricing. Proudly serving the greater Colorado Springs area. House calls available outside of Colorado Springs by special request.

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