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Orthopedic Urgent Care in Colorado Springs


        Whether your an Olympic athlete, or did “something” to your knee, the pain is the same. When you find yourself in this situation you have a few options. The first is to ignore it. Maybe it will go away, but what if it doesn’t? The second option is to get an appointment with your orthopedic doctor. That usually involves you calling his or her office, sitting on hold, and then finally hearing the receptionist tell you that he doesn’t have an appointment for at least another week. But you’re hurting now? Do you really want to suffer for a whole week? I wouldn’t.


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        The third option is going to the ER. ER stands for emergency room, meaning that if you aren’t having an active emergency, they want to get you out of their ER. The first problem with the ER is that it is set up for emergencies, meaning your knee, shoulder, or back pain takes a low priority. This usually equates to sitting around for hours as they take care of people with chest pain before seeing you, even if you got there first. The second problem is that ER doctors are not orthopedic doctors. They are not trained to accurately determine the nuances of your knee or shoulder pain, and will likely tell you that if it’s not an emergency then to just go follow up with your orthopedic doctor. Not to mention the cost of simply going to the ER is usually unclear, expensive at best, and financially devastating at worst.


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        The fourth option is going to an urgent care. While going to an urgent care is better for non-emergencies like your back pain, is that really the best place to go for your orthopedic issues? They are good at taking care of coughs and colds, but again are not trained to provide the kind of high quality orthopedic care that you can only get from an orthopedic doctor. Recently, orthopedic urgent cares have been springing up. I think this is a step in the right direction for those with orthopedic issues. But you have to ask yourself this before going to an orthopedic urgent care: Are you going to see an orthopedic doctor, or a physician’s assistant? Most orthopedic urgent cares are staffed with physician assistants or nurse practitioners, rather than orthopedic doctors. While they can be good, it’s not the same as seeing an orthopedic doctor who has much more orthopedic experience.


        The best option is to forget waiting for an appointment, waiting in an ER, or waiting in an urgent care. Why not have an orthopedic doctor come to you! I’m a mobile orthopedic doctor, and I have the ability to take mobile x-rays, suture wounds, cast, splint, and give steroid injections. I also book my appointments for an hour rather than the standard 10 minute appointments so you will have my full attention and never feel rushed. This is called relationship based medicine where you won’t just feel like a number!

Mobile Orthopedic Urgent Care. No more waiting, I come to you!

    Get in touch with me via email or book an appointment on my contact us page, or call me at (719) 297-5484. Don’t waste your time sitting in a waiting room. Proudly serving the greater Colorado Springs area, contact me today.

    Written by Dr. Daniel Paull 

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