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Ankle Pain


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          High top shoes which were popular in the 90’s, started as way to provide extra ankle support so basketball players wouldn’t sprain their ankles as much. Most of us have had the experience of rolling our ankle at one time or another, following by swelling and limping around for a week or two. Sprained ankles are one of the most common ankle injuries, and are the most common reason for missed athletic participation. In a sprained ankle, the ligaments around the ankle get injured, but sometimes the bones get injured also. The top bone of your foot is called the talus, and it fits nicely inside your ankle bones in what is called a mortise joint. The issue with breaking your ankle is that it often makes it unstable, and can require surgery. Other types of less common ankle injuries have to do with the tendons surrounding the ankle, which can be a source of pain when inflamed, or can even rupture and change the dynamics of your foot. Some people also have ankle arthritis, but thankfully it is less common than knee or hip arthritis.

Advice from an Experienced Ankle Doctor in Colorado Springs

          So what can you do about your ankle pain? Fortunately, most ankle sprains do not need surgery. Most of the time icing and elevating your ankle after the injury, along with a course of anti-inflammatories, and a week in an ankle support boot or brace can help alleviate the pain. The key is not to sprain your ankle again. This is where physical therapy comes into play, specifically focusing first on motion and movement exercises, and then later on strengthening. Breaking your ankle is a different story. What determines whether you need surgery or not, is if your ankle is stable. This is determined by x-ray, with some fracture patterns always requiring surgery, and other fracture patterns that don’t need surgery.

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          The most important factor at getting rid of your ankle pain is arriving at a correct diagnosis. The modern medical system is making it harder for doctors to succeed when they are only allowed 7 minutes to see a patient, and they often have to see 50+ patients a day. Patients don’t like this, and neither do the doctors taking care of them. This can make communication hard and can fragment care. I allow myself an hour to spend with my patients so I can get to know them, and they can get to know me. What’s more is that I only do house calls, so you don’t have to hobble around town with your painful ankle.


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Written by Dr. Daniel Paull

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