Wound Care and Animal Bites


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Wound Care and Animal Bites


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       Wounds come in all shapes and sizes. Some wounds are new and may need stitches, like if you cut yourself. Older wounds, often called chronic wounds, need to be regularly cleaned and taken care of. There are many ways to get a wound to close, and I’ve seen almost all of them; wound vacuum, skin grafts, or just time and diligence. Before wound care doctors, patients with chronic wounds used to go straight to the ER, and sometimes get admitted to the hospital. This often happened because the wounds were neglected, and were allowed to get worse. The advent of the wound care doctor helped prevent those with wounds from having to get emergency care, by taking care of their wounds before they became problems. 


Dr. Daniel Paull takes care of dog bites and cat bites in the Colorado Springs area


      A common type of wound is one that comes from a dog or cat. Even though dogs and cats are domesticated wonderful animals, they are still animals and can still bite or scratch you. Cats and dogs carry a unique type of bacteria called pasteurella multocida, which requires specific antibiotics if the wound is significant. If you do get bitten by a dog or cat, you should immediately clean the wound with soapy water, and then apply a sterile bandage. If the wound is bad, then you might need stitches. Most of the time only a few stitches are needed, because the wound needs to drain, and too many stitches won’t allow it to drain. If the wound is very severe and is allowed to sit for sometime, it can get infected and then antibiotics might not be enough to treat it. In this case a small incision can be made to clean the wound out. Depending on how bad the wound is, this may be able to be done in an outpatient setting. This is known in the medical field as an irrigation and debridement, casually referred to as an I&D.


Cat bites are often worse than dog bites


      Cat bites are often worse than dog bites. When a dog bites you, it tends to do so in a tearing motion, which leaves a wound open and allows it to drain. In contrast, when a cat bites you it is almost like a hypodermic needle, except that needle contains bacteria. What can happen in this situation is that your skin can heal after a cat bite, but the bacteria get trapped beneath the skin. This can create an infection and usually needs surgical treatment. After you do get bitten by a dog or cat, you should make sure you are up to date on your tetanus shot, otherwise you will need to get one. Also, although rare, if the animal is acting strangely, then they may have rabies. If this is at all suspected then rabies shots are absolutely necessary, as they are the only thing that can prevent the rabies virus from becoming fatal.

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    Written by Dr. Daniel Paull 

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