Can you still walk with a dislocated knee?

You will hardly ever be able to walk with a dislocated knee. When a knee dislocates, it almost always causes significant structural damage. Many people confuse a knee dislocation with a kneecap dislocation, which you can walk on, although it will likely still be painful. True knee dislocations are rare, but at Easy Orthopedics in Colorado, we have seen them.

Is a knee dislocation serious?

A knee dislocation is very serious. When the shin bone dislocates from the thigh bone, the ligaments in the knee almost always tear. It is not uncommon for someone with a knee dislocation to tear their ACL, PCL, and menisci, all at the same time. In the worst of situations, someone with a dislocated knee will also damage their popliteal artery which will cause them to lose their leg. They can also damage the peroneal nerve which can lead to a permanent condition called foot drop. Someone who has a dislocated knee should always go straight to the emergency room.

Can a dislocated knee fix itself?

A dislocated knee will commonly put itself back into place right after it dislocates. But even though the knee goes back into place, there is almost always damage that you won’t be able to heal. If you end up tearing your ACL, meniscus, popliteal artery, or peroneal nerve, these structures will not heal on their own.

How do you fix a dislocated knee?

A dislocated knee needs to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in knee ligament reconstructions. You will need to undergo a physical exam and an MRI to determine which ligaments are torn, and in what order to go about fixing them. If your knee is dislocated and you have damaged the popliteal artery, or your knee won’t go back in place, you will need immediate surgery to repair the artery and stabilize your knee. Even after extensive successful reconstruction, those with a knee dislocation will likely have a lifetime of knee pain and stiffness.

I hope we were able to answer some of your questions about if you can still walk with a dislocated knee. If you would like us to evaluate your knee and are in the Colorado area, contact us below to make an appointment.

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