How to get rid of a ganglion cyst

The best way to get rid of a ganglion cyst is to have it surgically removed. Even then it can have up to a 15-20% rate of recurrence. Some ganglion cysts will just go away on their own in time. Some will try to get rid of it on their own by hitting it by hitting it with something, which is not recommended. Some will have pain with their ganglion cysts, and some won’t. There is no harm in leaving them alone if they are not bothersome, however, some elect to get them removed if they are painful or if they don’t like the way they look. As an orthopedic surgeon in Colorado Springs, we frequently aid our patients in getting rid of their ganglion cysts at Easy Orthopedics.

What shrinks a ganglion cyst?

Sticking a needle into a ganglion cyst, also known as aspiration can successfully shrink a cyst. The issue is that they will generally come back about 50% of the time, because shrinking it with a needle does not get rid of the stalk. This is usually only done for ganglion cysts on the back of the wrist, because on the front of the wrist there is risk of injuring the radial artery if ultrasound guidance is not used.

Do ganglion cyst go away on their own?

Ganglion cysts can go away on their own, especially in children where about 75% will go away on their own in one year. With adults it is more unpredictable, and it’s hard to say what exactly the rate is. Sometimes the ganglion cysts will pop on their own with everyday activities, and not come back. Sometimes the ganglion cysts will pop on their own and come back.

Can you pop a ganglion cyst?

You can pop a ganglion cyst on your own, but it is not a good idea. Most of the home remedies have a very high rate of recurrence because the stalk is not removed. They used to call ganglion cysts bible cysts because people would smack them with bibles. This is not recommended because you can cause other problems to your wrist that are worse than a ganglion cyst by smacking it really hard with a large object. If you really want to get it removed, then surgery is the most reliable way to do that, but if it isn’t bothering you then there is no harm in leaving it alone.

I hope we were able to answer some of your questions about how to get rid of a ganglion cyst. If you would like us to evaluate your ganglion cyst and are in the Colorado area, contact us below to make an appointment with Easy Orthopedics.

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